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Well As more and more people pick up a gaming mouse its important to understand what all the settings mean for your mouse. But the main reason is to dispute the crazy amount of weird and sometimes incorrect info and to collate and aggregate all of the information that is out there about this important setting and function on a gaming mouse and how it can even help you in its application in video games.


CPI(Counts per inch) or more commonly referred to as DPI(Dots per Inch) (but doesn’t really represent how mouse functions but more on that later on)…

By Anima

I want to talk about this for a second, something that I don’t like too much in the gaming community and that being the methodology to change settings or equipment and then immediately test for improvement seen in things like this or the PSA method for sensitivity and recently saw it for choosing a mouse.

So the way that these are supposed to work is that you run through a bunch of trails of a certain sensitivity or mouse to see how comfortable it is or how well you perform with it then compare against control or other…

By Anima

Diabotical artwork By The GD Studio

I am a new player and person in the arena fps scene and have been playing at the top level in the team modes. So my perspective of the scene is different to most who are in the same place.

The new release of Diabotical is claimed to be the saviour of this old genre, to be a new quake and to be the next big flagship esports title. But this time was 15 years too late.

Well not entirely the start and release of this game has been relatively smooth with only minor bugs and issues mostly…


Just some random 17y/o from NZ writing about Aiming, Gaming and some Math and Programming stuff

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